Pre-Order New Approaches to Islam in Film


It's coming out in 2021, but it's already available for pre-order here. New Approaches to Islam in Film is edited by Kristian Petersen. I'm one of the contributors. My chapter appears in Part 5 of this essay collection on new understandings of conflict. It's called “Together in the Midst of War: Muslim and Christian Coexistence in Lebanese Cinema”. Some more information from the webpage:

The volume includes the exploration of regional cinemas, detailed analysis of auteurs and individual films, comparison across global cinema, and new explorations that have not yet entered the conversation. The interdisciplinary collection provides an examination of the multiple roles Islam plays in film and the various ways Muslims are depicted. Across the chapters, key intersecting themes arise that push the limits of how we currently approach issues of Muslims in cinema and ventures to lead us in new directions for future scholarship.

This book adds new depth to the matrix of previous scholarship by revisiting methodological structures and sources, as well as exploring new visual geographies, transnational circuits, and approaches. It reframes the presiding scholarly conventions in five novel trajectories: considering new sources, exploring new communities, probing new perspectives, charting new theoretical directions, and offering new ways of understanding conflict in cinema. As such, it will be of great use to scholars working in Islamic Studies, Film Studies, Religious Studies, and Media.