Kind Words


Cat Power’s “Maybe Not”.

It is always rewarding when someone mentions your research work. It is even more gratifying when colleagues state that something in one of your papers is noteworthy.

In the latest issue of Scope, Neelam Sidhar Wright and Stella Sims (University of Sussex) report on Cultural Borrowings. The conference took place at the University of Nottingham in March. I was part of a panel on found footage and my paper was titled “Borrowed Sounds, Appropriated Images: Music Video and Found Footage” — you can preview or download it from my writings archive. Here are Neelam and Stella’s kind words on my presentation:

Sergio Dias Branco’s (University of Kent) paper similarly explored new meanings and inventive playfulness through reproduced stock footage, this time vis-à-vis studying borrowed sounds and archival images in music videos. Most notable was his analysis of Cat Power’s video “Maybe Not” (2005), consisting of a montage of clips of people falling off buildings, appropriated from several classic and contemporary film sequences.