A Top 100 Film Studies Blog


I received a warm e-mail from Amber Johnson today informing me that the web site Online Degrees Hub (a valuable resource that I did not know) published an article with a list of the top 100 film studies blogs. The Motions of Images has been included in the list (no. 25). I feel honoured and grateful. I can only hope that this brings more readers to my writings.

There is a lot to discover in the list. You will read the best current writing on film on the Internet if you take the time to look at these sites and blogs—most of them are included in the links above (and in the listings at Writings of a Spectator). The list that Online Degrees Hub has put together also includes some of my friends’ blogs: Catherine Grant’s Anagnorisis (no. 63), Directing Cinema (no. 94), and Film Studies for Free (no. 100), and Jason Sperb’s Jamais Vu (no. 66).