A Top 100 Film Studies Blog


I received a warm e-mail from Amber Johnson today informing me that the web site Online Degrees Hub (a valuable resource that I did not know) published an article with a list of the top 100 film studies blogs. The Motions of Images has been included in the list (no. 25). I feel honoured and grateful. I can only hope that this brings more readers to my writings.

There is a lot to discover in the list. You will read the best current writing on film on the Internet if you take the time to look at these sites and blogs — most of them are included in the links above (and in the listings at Writings of a Spectator). The list that Online Degrees Hub has put together also includes some of my friends’ blogs: Catherine Grant’s Anagnorisis (no. 63), Directing Cinema (no. 94), and Film Studies for Free (no. 100), and Jason Sperb’s Jamais Vu (no. 66).