Comprehensions of Cinema


Tomorrow and the next day I am presenting a research seminar in Portugal on Daniel Frampton’s Filmosophy and its criticism of Bordwell’s critical and analytical language — call it an academic tour. The paper is titled “Compreensões do Cinema: Funções da Linguagem Analítica e Crítica” (“Comprehensions of Cinema: Functions of Analytical and Critical Language”, in English).

The first date will be in Lisbon at the New University of Lisbon following an invitation from Dr. João Mário Grilo. He is the director of the research project “Film and Philosophy: Mapping an Encounter” that includes my PhD supervisor at the University of Kent, Prof. Murray Smith, as consultant — as well as Dr. Jinhee Choi, also from Kent, and Prof. Noël Carroll (The City University of New York) and Prof. D.N. Rodowick (Harvard University).

Dr. Vítor Moura, director of the Department of Philosophy and Culture of Minho University, has invited me for the second presentation, in Braga.

Here is the structure of my talk:

1. Filmosophy
2. Frampton Against Bordwell
3. Languages of Cinema
4. Analysis and Criticism
5. Limitations and Complements

I shall show two clips to illustrate my points, from The Constant Gardener (2005) for the first section and Juventude em Marcha (Colossal Youth, 2006) for the last.